Of Compilers and Virtual Things

C++ is ugly and it sucks ass.

Java is pretty.

I’m writing a compiler/virtual machine I’m considering just saying “fuck it” and doing it in java. Because I know java, and java is pretty.

But I dont know, it might end up slow, and that would make me sad, theres nothing worse than a slow VM/Compiler.

I’m just so annoyed with the state of computer languages in respect to math these days. The only really worthwhile languages are all about computers, I mean– come on… Who wants a computer language to primarily do computer stuff? But seriously, I need a language that will have all the beauty and awesome power of languages like Lisp and Perl. But still be efficient and portable enough to be useful. So I finally said, “screw it, I’ll do it myself”, I think my current method will be to write the VM is C++, for speed purposes. But maybe I’ll write the final compiler in Java, because it will be a significantly more complex bit of code. In C++, debugging anything bigger than a few lines hither and thither is a bitch- but for the speed it offers– I dont know- maybe I can find a decent cross compiler and then just go back and comb out the resulting code… I suppose I should get back to learning about templates in C++, ugly little bastards. I hate pointers. Hate them hate them hate them…


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