The Second Stupidest thing on the planet.

This is only marginally brighter than TimeCube

The Earth Is Not Moving

Somehow, despite all scientific evidence, this man seems to believe that the earth is in fact the center of the universe, I’m not entirely sure why, but he says that the Bible, of all things, supports him.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if you want to believe in the bible, thats your right, I won’t judge. Hell, I believe in the bible, to an extent. But Come on, Can we really deny the evidence around us like this?

My Sister says that technically, I’m not agnostic, I’m a “comtemplative” (con – TEM – plah – tihv). I’m not sure what that means, but my belief is that- I, like the rest of humanity, am fallible. I’m fundamentally capable of making mistakes. And as such, I choose to put complete stock in nothing, I choose instead to believe that all things are innocent till proven guilty. Right until proven wrong, by a contradiction of pure fact, pure logic, or otherwise. I’m sure that everyone can agree- thats not a radical point of view, thats just common sense. As such, since I cannot prove that Evolution or Creation or any such nonsense is true, then they are both equally correct.

Hold on, aren’t they mutually exclusive? Isn’t it true that you can’t believe in both? Bullshit. Of course you can believe in both. The only important thing is that these things must make sense. They must fit the theory. Here’s my theory.

God Created some rules, laws of math. From these he derived the laws of physics, and then he sat his ass down, and watched the 100 billion year show. We Evolved, isn’t it amazing? That simple rules that God came up with led to such complex beauty as Sentience? Look at us, how did we get here by chance? Against all odds we evolved from nothing, doesn’t that sound like a concept that God would want us to learn from, Perseverence? Why the hell does it matter where we came from anyway? Why can’t we just agree to disagree that we got here- and so now we should figure out where we’re going? It’s ridiculous, we fight, we kill, maim, murder, yell, cheat, steal. Whats the Point? We’re supposed to be enlightened, but we behave like animals. I don’t seem to understand, why can’t we realize that we have different Ideas, that people are different, and that they’re entitled to be different. Maybe I’m getting a little Laodecian, but maybe thats what we need, some Lukewarm politics to get the status quo thrown the fuck up.

Just remember folks. Apparently, The Earth Is Not Moving

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