Note on formatting

Turns out the import of posts from the blogger account didn’t go all too smoothly, alot of the formatting was lost in the translation. If you’d like me to fix up any particular post, I’ll be sure to get to it, but there are quite a few, so unless I’m asked, I don’t intend to fix them right away, (I’m a bit strapped for time right now, working on some school extra credit stuff). Hopefully I’ll get caught up on it. Note though, that the text itself is fine, just the formatting tags (pre and code tags, specifically) are being interpreted as text, and not markup. So if you copy and paste it (if its a literate haskell file, for instance) it should still work (and even look okay, maybe).



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Annoyances with Blogger.

I’m Mildly annoyed that blogger does not seem to recognized that when I put in some indented code, it replaces things with &nbsp’s and other gibberish. The same thing occurs with other punctuation. It’s bothersome.

C’est la vie.


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The Grand Disparate Notion:

This is a Blog. I Caved. I don’t mind though- I’m weak. Anyway, I’ll post plenty of random shit for noone to ever read, but it will make me happy. So there.

Enjoy the disparity of my thoughts.

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